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Calgel Preparation Tutorial

Calgel Preparation Tutorial

This tutorial is extremely useful, it’s useful for not only Calgel, but also other gel nail systems.

For example, we have a unique gel nail system called, Paragel,
Paragel’s proper application says, it doesn’t require prior “sanding” or “buffing” at all, it means you don’t need any preparation works using files or sponge buffers. Then what would you need?
that’s an another subject so we’ll talk about the detail later.

Yes we have Non-Sanding gel manicure system such as Parage etc., the key of the system is “Maximum Strengthen Adhesion” of base gels.
Their base gels are very tough and reliable, once applied, it will easily last over a month.

Some nailtechs say that’s nonsense, yes there is the pros and cons for any gel systems. As a professional nailtech, basic manicure is mandatory steps when they do treatment for own clients so shaping or filing or minimal buffing for client’s nails is a matter of cause. When your client came back for an appointment and ask you for gel removal, these preparation works are naturally performed… so Non-Sanding gel might be the manufacturer’s advertising gimmick….

So let’s get back to the subject, whether or not you might as well to practice this basic preparation steps over and over, if you’d get the hang of it, you would have so many happy clients after all.
If you have any problem of your gel manicure’s lasting quality, we highly recommend you to learn this prep skills.

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