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Calgel CGCWS – 4g (0.14oz)


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Calgel Colors will look good plus add strength and reinforce the natural nail. It will not chip or peel when applied correctly.

It can be used over gel, acrylic or wrap extensions.

UVA light cured color Calgels are applied much like varnish and are cured under an UV light. Then a single coat of either a
matching color, clear top gel or Calcrystal top coat is required to complete the application.

If the nail surface becomes dull or scratched, just remove Calcrystal top coat with Calcleanse (non-acetone polish remover) –
wipe with Calguard to remove any traces of oil and to sterilize the nails, then apply Calcrystal, and the freshly manicured
look returns.

This is where the Calgel Essentials products for maintenance at home by your client are indispensable.

Check the Calgel color application tutorial.

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