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Calgel CTC – Calcrystal Top Coat


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A specially formulated sun screen top coat for use with Calgel.

Calcrystal prevents yellowing due to ultra violet rays and protects the Calgel.

Apply every three to four days to keep your Calgel nails looking in perfect condition with no damage from harsh sunlight or from sunbed use.

Calcrystal will also prevent other nail systems from yellowing, plus it can be used over, and will enhance the appearance of natural nails.

Fast drying and durable, this top coat with UVA absorbers will perform like no other top coat.

Best use of Calcrystal as maintenance of Calgel at home, every three to four days using Calcleanse Polish Remover to remove Calcrystal Top Coat on your Calgel nails.
Wipe with Calguard on the surface of Calgel colors to remove residue or oil out of your nails, and apply Calcrystal over again. It will air-dry in 5 minutes, and your Calgel nails
will look like new set.

Warning: Storage, DO NOT store in sunlight or where there is ultra violet light.


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